Carribean Sea - Gulf of Mexico


Never been to the East Coast of Mexico or the Carribean, so that’s the plan for this February. Looking for advice from someone who’s had a great experience. Looked at Holbox Island. Apparently there are some seaweed issues in the Carribean.



Are there seaweed issues at Isla Blanca? Can you tell me a little more about the kiting there? You have piqued my curiosity…


Hi Keven,
As I know there are two sides a lagoon and open water we want to to go the lagoon and as far as I know there are no seaweed.
I can only tell you more when I’m there in February :slight_smile:


Ok thanks. I thought you’d been there before. I’ll do a little research and create a Spot Chat for the area so that we know a little bit more about it. I’ll share it with you when I’m done.


Hi Keven, I’ve been to Isla Blanca twice (both in March) and Holbox once (last March). Happy to answer any questions. Have you considered El Cuyo? It’s my favourite :slight_smile:


If you don’t mind providing a little bit of insight into the ambience and kiting situation for each of these 3 places and telling me why El Cuyo wins for you that would be great. Would love to hear your opinion. We’re looking for a combination of quaint with enough areas of local interest and non-kite activities to provide options when the wind isn’t blowing.




Isla Blanca: I’ve been there twice with my husband (also kiter) and our daughters who were aged 6 and 8 the first time and then 8 and 10. Because of the kids, we opted to stay in a condo with a pool. This is where we stayed: Amara Condos. It’s reasonably priced and a 5-minute walk from the passenger ferry to Isla Blanca, which is a good day trip. The drive to the kiting spot on Isla Blanca is about 25 minutes away. The second time we went we ended up kiting from right in front of the condo but it is not very beginner friendly. If I were to go without kids I would consider staying at Ikarus, which is a much shorter drive to the kiting area on Isla Blanca. They have basic rooms, a small pool, and a small but good restaurant. A nice, relaxed vibe. Really friendly owner and staff.

The kiting on Isla Blanca has something for everyone. The lagoon is shallow, flat and warm. It is a perfect place for learning and freestyle. The ocean side of the peninsula has beautiful crystal blue water and awesome waves. You can walk from one side to the other with your kite in the sky… the peninsula is that narrow. So in summary, the kiting is great at Isla Blanca, but I don’t like all the driving.

Isla Holbox: I’ve just been here once and it was only for a few days. We went with our kids and three other adults. We rented a place through AirBnB. The area where kiting is allowed is limited and to stay on the beach near there is quite expensive but there are tons of accommodation options to fit all budgets. The direction of the wind determines where you kite. When we were there, we had to hire a boat to take us to the kiting spot. It was a great experience but not something you would want to have to do every day. The Island is beautiful and the town area has a backpackers feel with lots of hotels, hostels, restaurants, shops. Definitely touristy but still feels a bit off the beaten path. You can rent a golf cart to do a tour of the Island which is a fun no-wind activity. Whale sharks are there certain times of the year. I’m sure the snorkelling and diving is amazing too. Beautiful spot but again, the travel to the kiting area is a big negative for me.

El Cuyo: On the same trip, again with our kids and three other adults. We rented this beachfront house. You can see my review on the listing. We kited every day from right in front of our place. The wind was side-onshore with small waves. It is not busy at all. There would never be more than a dozen kiters on the water. There was some seaweed that washed up on shore but most of it was closer to the pier because of the wind direction.

El Cuyo is a small, un-touristy Mexican fishing village. There are a few good local restaurants and some small shops. There is a small cafe with excellent coffee and food. Ryan from Come Kite With Us sets up here in the winter. He is a great resource. For no-wind days, there are many cenotes in the area and some Mayan ruins. There are salt water lagoons with pink flamingos (we saw some even though it was the off season… bring binoculars).

There are no grocery stores, just a few bodegas, a seafood shop, bakery, veggie shop, etc. so buy your groceries in Cancun. Also there is no wine or hard alcohol for sale in town so if you want to make margaritas while you’re there, get your tequila before you arrive!

So for me, this is my favourite spot because of the beautiful blue water, big sandy beach, launch and land from in front of rental house, nice reasonably priced accommodations, not crowded, good food, Mexican culture, and non-wind day activities.

But if you have the time, I suggest you do all three :slight_smile:


I appreciate greatly the time and thought you have put into this. It’s making me excited about our trip. The cenotes seem pretty amazing. Thanks for all the tips, maybe we can make time to see it all.