Casa Spondylus


Casa Spondylus is located in Playa Grande, in the beautiful cove of El Ñuro, in the Province of Talara (only 40 minutes from the airport), in the Piura region in northern Peru. El Ñuro is the perfect combination of coastal desert, ideal weather all year round, endless beaches with soft sand and warm turquoise sea; the ideal scenario to discover all the species that live there. El Ñuro is located at 23kms. south of Mancora, 7km south of Punta Veleros beach in Los Organos Spa; and is formed by a small friendly fishing village of no more than a thousand inhabitants.

The beautiful beach of El Ñuro, besides having many activities to offer such as: turtle watching from its craft dock, coastal and high seas fishing, whale watching from July to October, diving, kitesurfing, windsurfing, trekking to La Encantada, paddle boarding, Kayaking and surfing; The beautiful and quiet beach is the ideal place to relax and enjoy; where the sun, wind and sea are the perfect companions. Casa Spondylus is the ideal setting to make your escape from reality, in this natural paradise.

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