Harrison Lake, BC



Harrison Lake in the Fraser Valley has warm windy days for kiting from May through August. The wind typically starts early afternoon and lasts through early evening. It is best on SW/S direction. Most kiters use 12m-14m kites. The launch is small and is side offshore - once you are up you want to head quickly to the west to get upwind of the long breakwater as the breakwater creates a wind shadow - it is fine as long as you keep your kite high in the air.

It is recommended to have boat rescue due to the offshore direction if you are a beginner or unable to kite consistently upwind - the water is deep and cold so not advised to be in the water for too long. If there is no boat rescue and you get into trouble you will want to steer your kite to the east where you will drift into the shore - then it’s a hike up and over the rocks onto the road to get back to the launch. Or you can try and flag down someone on a boat, ski-do for help - summer time there are always other people out on the water. It’s not a guarantee though. It is advised to wear booties and a 5/4 or 4/3 wetsuit because the water is very cold.

Harrison is a very friendly community of kiters and windsurfers and there is a society you can join for $30 for the year - this goes towards maintenance of the spot and the rental of a port-a-potty. Parking is free in the gravel lot after the marina.

The Harrison Windsports Society website has more detailed information about the spot with a map of how to get there and where to launch etc. There is a webcam of the launch on the website - it is guaranteed if there is enough wind you will see at least one or two kiting


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