I thought I’d kick this discussion off with a topic for introductions. I’ll go first to get the ball rolling… Just reply to this topic to introduce yourself.

My name is Keven. I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I used to live in the mountains in the Kootenays (Nelson, BC) and while sleeping on the couch one night, I had a vivid dream about learning to kiteboard. When I awoke, I was convinced that I had to learn. I didn’t know anything about the sport. I wasn’t even sure if anyone kiteboarded in Nelson. I did a quick google search and easily found my first kiting buddy who showed me the ropes. Before I knew it, I had developed a new passion. Any rustle of wind in the trees sent me running to the car to speed down the North Shore road to 6-mile beach. Wind was not consistent and fairly hard to come by on Kootenay Lake, so there was a fair degree of wind-chasing involved and learning to kiteboard was a slower process than I would have liked.

Since those early days, I have kited in a number of different places and I am always looking for the next adventure. I founded the Kite Travel Club to align my dreams with reality - to help me seek out new destinations, to make new connections, and to make sure that I continue to have amazing adventures. I’m hoping that other Kite Travel Club members will want that too.

Here’s a video of a snowkiting excursion I went on with a few buddies from Nelson in my early days. (yes, i’m the awkward guy on skis)

I have kited at Spanish Banks (Vancouver), Squamish, Southern Gulf Islands, Kootenay Lake, Skaha Lake, Nicola Lake, Nitinat Lake (BC), Baie de Beauport (Quebec City), The Magdeleine Islands (Quebec), Cape Breton and Halifax (Nova Scotia), Snow-kiting in Idaho, La Ventana, Los Barilles (Mexico), Dakhla (Morocco).

When I’m not spending time with my amazing daughter and my beautiful wife Celine @ccmichiels, playing soccer or kitesurfing, I have the pleasure of working at the Canadian Coast Guard hovercraft unit in Vancouver.

Celine and I intend to travel this Spring to somewhere in the Carribean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico to go kiting…any suggestions?


Hi there,

My name is Céline and I am a Belgian living in Vancouver, Canada! Before I met Kev (see above!), I had no idea what kitesurfing was, so you could say that I got into kitesurfing for love. Although I am still learning, I love the feeling of freedom it gives me when I am out on the water.

So far, I kited in Mexico (Los Barilles), Squamish, and Nitinat Lake (BC, Canada). I can’t wait to discover new places and travel to other beautiful beaches and lakes.

Besides kitesurfing and travelling, you will often find me in the lab where I do my PhD!

Are there any other Belgian kiters in the kite travel club?

Looking forward to see what you share on this forum for the kite community!



Hello! My name is Michelle and I live in Chilliwack, British Columbia. I have been kiting for 3 years - it was also a slow process for me but getting the hang of it now :D. I have kited in Squamish, Washington, Hood River, La Ventana, Maui, Panama, Tulum, Dakhla (Western Sahara), Gran Canaria, Belize. My favourite spot far away is Dakhla (7 days of consistent 25-35 knots) and locally is Harrison Lake because it is close to home, beautiful and never crowded - the kiting and windsurfing community there is small but very friendly. Thanks Keven for creating this group!


Hi. I am Claus Jepsen. I live on a boat in Faaborg, Denmark, where our local site is Svelmoe. Denmark has 7000 km coastline and you are never further than 50 km from the coast. We got Cold Hawiee and a lot of sites, that you can find here I have kited for three years. Love Union Beach close to Boracay in the Phillippines. Now I am in Cabarete in The Dominican Republik, which also is a great spot wit a lot of waves.


Hello everyone! My name is Kristin. I am a west coast native, but now I live in New York City–yes, we have kiting here! I’ve been kiting for just over two years, and it’s been an incredible couple years. I’ve done a lot of kiting with my friend Michelle, also a member of the group, and I’ve seen some amazing places and met some fantastic people. I’ve kited in the Gorge, Squamish, Long Island, Brooklyn, the Jersey Shore, Punta Chame, Maui, Oahu, Grand Cayman, Gran Canary, Dakhla, Tulum, Sherman Island, Scott Creek, Cape Hatteras, Barbados, Cabarete, and I’ll be spending this coming winter in La Ventana. I can’t wait! My favorite “destination” spot is probably…I can’t say, honestly. They’ve all been amazing. My favorite local spot is oceanside Sandy Hook. Don’t let the reality TV shows fool you, the Jersey Shore is amazing. I love kiting because it’s exciting and fun, but I love the community the most. Thanks Keven! So happy I found this group!


Hey, I’m Peter. I started kiting in 2011 when I was living in Squamish and could see everyone out front having a blast - I knew it was the best opportunity to learn with an amazing spot right at the edge of town. Since moving from Squamish in 2012, I’ve had mixed success trying to find good kiting spots across Canada. I was living off and on on the East Coast for a while enjoyed some windy fall sessions out in PEI, Nova Scotia and Cape Breton. I’ve only kited in North America and would like to change that soon. I love all the ‘local’ destinations that produce - Squamish, NItinat, Northern Island and I try to get down to the Gorge somewhat regularly. La Ventana’s was super fun last year. I’m in the process of figuring out foiling and would love to wave kite one day. Looking forward to hearing all your stories!


Hello my name is Penny Laine! I live in Seattle and have traveled around the world…after learning kiting I no longer travel without the thought of kiting when choosing any destination-I’m addicted! I’ve traveled to Australia, Mexico, Bahamas, Squamish, Nitinat and the states along the west coast, Maui and Kauai. I have taught kiteboarding in Seattle. I fly Blade kites and ride Litewave boards, and starting to learn foiling.
I also love tango, mountain biking, stand up paddleboard, snowboard, longboarding, split skate, kiteskate, rollerblade and old school rollerskate!!!
I do Gyrotonic workouts to keep my body sound! Highly recommend for injury prevention! Come see me in Seattle for a session!

See ya on the water! Penny Laine


Hi, my name is Joseph Bruckner. I currently live in Eugene, Oregon. I learned to kite initially on skis in Madison, Wisconsin. I eventually learned to kitesurf in the summer on the local inland lakes, and for a few years I managed a snowkiting-specific instructional program through the University of Wisconsin-Madison Hoofer Sailing Club. Though I have experience with several brands and models, I primarily fly Ozone kites and ride Axis and Slingshot boards.

Since moving to Oregon in the summer of 2017, I’ve been working on my wave riding and freeriding skills at several spots on the Oregon Coast, especially Florence and Floras Lake. I’d like to find more spots close by for snowkiting, and eventually get into foiling! Please contact me if you’d like to connect for a session!