Jeneponto Kitesurfing - Indonesia



Located on Sulawesi island, Jeneponto enjoys tremendous wind statistics due to mountains compression and tip effect that speed up the wind.

Windiest spot in Indonesia with consistent trade winds, mostly blowing 20-35 knots, from May to October, this is the region where Indonesian Wind Farms are set up to boost green energy for entire country.

Flat and safe with a huge sandy lagoon and side/on-shore wind, it is ideal for beginners, as well as experienced riders who enjoy big air jumps and unhooked tricks.

This spot features now a kiteschool and accomodations.

BatiKite Resort is located right on the shore facing the lagoon, and overlooking the kite action on the water. Only accommodation nearby the spot, it allows you to jump straight from your bed onto the kitespot.

Uncharted spot with easy access from Makassar International Airport, and multiple connection from Bali, Lombok, Singapore and Kuala-Lumpur.

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