La Ventana, BCS, MX



La Ventana is an incredible winter North American destination - perfect for a “warm-water” kiteboarding holiday.

It’s a small fishing town on the east coast of the Baja California Sur peninsula that boasts sandy beaches and consistent winds. The town has become a popular kiting destination creating tourism in the area, but the town still has a small Baja feel. There’s a range of accommodation available from small resorts to house rentals and camping. It’s a town on the sea in the middle of the desert but not the cheapest place to visit in Mexico but also far from the most expensive.

The wind season runs October through April with more consistent winds blowing during the middle months November to March.

The region boasts easy access to long sandy beaches perfect for sessions out infront of your accommodation or down the road in your neighbourhood. There’s good downwinder possibilities where north wind from El Sargento (a town to the north) carries you towards a large catchers-kit bay at the south-end of La Ventana. Lots of kiters out during peak season but the bay is huge and provides tons of space for it not to feel crowded.

Daily winds are generally consistent smooth sea breezes but the strength of the wind on any given day is variable so you want to bring a good, full range of kite sizes, 7 - 16 m. Somedays only foil-boarders with foil kites are out there while few days later you’re using your smallest kite. The wind often picks up later in the day, closer to noon and shuts down in the early evening.

The water conditions are generally choppy except on the lightest days and the wave peaks can build pretty tall on the windiest. Depending on your cold-tolerance and the time-of-year, some kiters prefer to kite in wetsuits while others opt to show more skin.

This spot is beginner friendly with a large catchers-mit bay and there is numerous kite schools working in the area. However there is no standing room or flat water and there is a pretty good wave break on the shore as well.

ikitesurf provides good weather forecasting for the area: La Ventana | Complete Wind Report & Forecast | iKitesurf

The “Wake up stoked” blog has a good webpage on the ins and outs and how to get around the area: Kitesurf in La Ventana, Mexico – a kiteboarder’s guide to Baja California

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