Malpeque Bay, PEI



(Image borrowed from The Guardian Indigenous Canadians face a crisis as climate change eats away island home | World news | The Guardian)

PEI is arguably one of the best provinces for kiting and Malpeque is right in the middle of it!

Wind is more prevalent Spring through Summer and Summer through Fall. When the bay warms up mid-summer the warm waters surrounding the island dampen the wind. The wind keeps blowing through into the winter, but it gets cold!

The kite launch is located on the west side of Malpeque Bay - on the East Central-North coast of PEI. The Bay around the launch is shallow averaging around 3 - 5 ft deep. low-lying islands to the west of the bay act like a breakwater on certain winds to decrease wave-height, the water is generally not too choppy. The bay is shallow and protected by features along the coastline that prevent swell and larger waves from entering. Winds here are STRONG and generally not gusty when the wind turns on 18-24.

Lauch site used under permission of Kayak excursion company. Respect the property and water and we can continue using it. The launch and set up area is maintained and operated by PEI Kiteboarding - check out their website for more information:

The site does not have user or parking fees (however the toll bridge and ferries to get to the island do).

For the best current weather information:

The site is beginner friendly (the bay is shallow enough to stand!). There are a lot of sharp shells in the sand - booties are recommended.

There are a number of kite-schools in PEI that teach in shallow bays for easy learning.