Naxos - any tips or recommendations


Looking to plan kiting trip next year (likely July or August). If anyone has any tips or recommendations it would be much appreciated.


Hey Stuart,

Thanks for your post. I have some tips from Naxos Kitelife for you:

The safe spot in Naxos island is located in Mikri Vigla, dominant wind is N, NE, NW (side on winds).

In end July and August the place is very busy with lessons and many kiters of all levels, so we would recommend to some kiter who wants good experience to try visit the place not in high season

There are luxurious villas of 2k up to simple rooms of 30 euro / night. But for a person interested in kitesurfing only i would recomend staying at mikri vigla and not in town of Naxos. For a person that is interested in parties etc, then he/she should stay in town.

Hope this info helps a little,