Radical Kite Center


Radical Kite Center has 12 years of experience teaching kitesurfing. It’s the best spot in Greece because the beach is shallow and sandy for a long way out, so students don’t get tired and they feel comfortable learning. We will give you the highest quality of training with a strong focus on safety. The wind here is generated by a stable thermal that is present throughout summer. We are located in Nea Kios Nafplio Argolida, which is only one and a half hours away from Athens. We are open from April to October.

We have developed a unique training method in which we are able to take you from a beginner level all the way up to advanced, or if you already are familiar with the sport we can even take you further than that in a matter of days. We also teach young kids from the age of 10, again with a focus on safety. Radical Kite Center is the only company in southern Greece with an IKO certification since 2005. Put your trust in us and you will have a great experience!

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Visit Radical Kite Center to book and remember to tell them you are a Kite Travel Club member.