Rooster Rock, OR



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Rooster Rock named after a prominent rock feature on shore - often displays rooster-tails and rainbows spraying off wave-tips when the wind gets going!

Located just east of Portland’s suburbs on the Oregon-side of the Columbia River. This site shines in an East wind (generally October through April). During the fall consistent East winds can pick up regularly -October & November are great while water temps are relatively warm. However, water temperatures tend to drop significantly towards the end of fall. Winter’s here are cold and hypothermia is a definite possibility.

You access the beach through the Rooster Rock State Park that has state park day-use/ parking fees but provides great amenities -bathrooms, drinking water, picnic tables and grassy areas for hangouts and gear prep.

The river has tidal influence this close to the ocean, which means the water-levels rise and fall up to 2 ft -watch where you leave gear on the beach. The massive sandbar beach runs for miles along the edge of the river. And it is WIDE providing a ton of area to set up and launch - no obstacles or hazards. This shoreline feature provides tons of time for new kiters to get to shore as they are carried down-wind (perfect for walk-of-shame laps). However wind and current are moving in the same direction and there’s no catcher’s-mit waiting to save you at the end of the beach.

The site is located in long-straight stretch of the canyon so winds can REALLY pick up here, with winds generally stronger on the Washington side. The riding is flat-water to choppy waves.

For more information on the site check out some of these local websites -including weather and live webcams:

For the best current weather information check out this website: Temira is an amateur weather reporter that does it in her free-time so consider sending her a donation if you use the site!

Rooster Rock web-cam:

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