Share your favourite Kite Spot



Our Spot Chat category allows any member of the Kite Travel Club to start a post for a new kite spot anywhere in the world. This collaborative approach to building a kite spot database is intended to result in a collection of locally vetted site descriptions. Each Spot Chat can also have the latitude and longitude of the spot specified and will appear on our map.

Once a Spot Chat is created, it will be converted into a wiki so that any other member can edit the description to add info that others may have left out. As a secondary benefit, this Spot Chat then becomes a place to discuss anything around kiting at that Spot. Need a ride, lost something last time you were there, meet new people to ride with, discuss local politics, or whatever your heart desires.

The Kite Travel Club is a free local and international club that welcomes kiters of ALL races, religions, countries, sexual orientations, genders, abilities and ages.