Stevenson, WA



(image borrowed form the City of Stevenson, WA City of Stevenson)

Stevenson = Smooth Wind.

Some of the smoothest wind in the Gorge, making it perfect for people looking to progress their freestyle riding, however, the the launch area is a little tricky and suitable for intermediate to advanced riders. Being closer to Portland this spot is perfect for people that want to stay in Portland a few nights and still kite or score a kite session after they arrive from the airport.

Stevenson works year-round because it’s primarily a westerly spot but also works on an easterly. On a westerly, the wind here can be lighter compared to Hood River or out east in the Gorge so check out the forecast before you go. And on an easterly, it’s in bit of wind shadow, which acts as a relief when Rooster is howling off the charts. Larger kites are required here COMPARED TO most other spots on THE GORGE (meaning you don’t need massive kites -just bigger than other gorge destinations).

The launch/ land area requires that you launch the kite up on a grassy area while you are standing down below on the water/rocks -be careful and get out on the water quickly.

Water conditions are: flat water to choppy white caps, swell diminishes towards the middle of the channel.

Obviously in the winter, 5 mil. wetsuit or dry suit recommended and kites are generally out in wetsuits -excluding mid-summer months. Summer temps are in the 70s.

Kites launch from Kite Beach, windsurfers launch from Bob’s beach.

This site has plenty of parking, grass set-up, showers and toilets. There’s food and drink available in an establishment across the parking lot.

Forecasting websites for Stevenson:

For the best current weather information check out this website: Temira is an amateur weather reporter that does it in her free-time so consider sending her a donation if you use the site!


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