Telegram Notifications from the Kite Travel Club


Hey Members,

Did you know that you can set up notifications from the Kite Travel Club website to your phone? That’s right, never miss out on important discussion.

Using the free, private, open source, cloud-based messaging app Telegram (like Whatsapp but not owned by Facebook :wink: ), you can tell the Kite Travel Bot to send you any notifications that you receive on the website.

Steps to make this happen:

  1. Download the Telegram app from the appropriate app store. It is available for iPhone, Android and the Web.
  2. Send a message to “Kite Travel Bot” on telegram.
  3. The Kite Travel Bot will reply with a Chat ID.
  4. On the Kite Travel Club website, enter the Chat ID at the bottom of your user profile page.


Keep your Chat ID private since anyone with this Chat ID can access your notifications.