The Ocean Clean Up


Since I work and play on the ocean, stewardship of the marine environment is of great interest to me. The ocean clean up project is inspiring.


System 001 has been deployed in the Great Pacific garbage patch, watch the video:


Regretfully they have encountered trouble with system 001’s design and are working on solutions so that plastic will stay in the giant u-shaped collector.


An interesting read on this project:

And shows the need for a holistic understanding of marine ecosystems as well as the need to consult on massive projects like this…


Hopefully the natural delays in this project will allow them to reflect on strategies to minimize impact on the neuston. Reducing our use of plastic and improving recycling programs so it never ends up in the ocean should be a top human priority. I suspect that trying to collect plastics at river mouths before entering the ocean, as suggested in the above article, would have a similarly detrimental environmental impact.