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Vancouver Kite Spots

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Squamish Spit (also has its own Spot Chat here)
Very good all summer when hot weather causes southerly inflow wind. The sandbar shows at tides below 5 feet and provides plenty of space and shallow water. This is the best and most reliable kiteboarding spot near Vancouver. Lessons are available. There is a day fee charged to cover the retrieval service and site expenses. Check the website:

Porteau Cove
Light steady wind during summer months. Not as windy as Squamish. Launch area is a rocky barnacle covered beach. Not recommended for beginners.

Jericho, Spanish Banks
Good with northwest or west wind.
Launch at the Spanish Banks West concession stand with NW wind.
On East wind launch at the foot of Tolmie Street.
During lifeguard season (June, July, August) kiteboarding is only allowed at Spanish Banks Extension beach (the farthest west small beach).
Links to nearby wind sensors-

Tsawassen Ferry Terminal
Good with NW, W, SW wind.
Find the frontage road on the south side of the ferry terminal causeway. The water is usually very flat (no waves) here.

Iona Jetty
Good on a NW or W wind.
A long walk along the Iona spit is required to get to this spot and the launch is not beginner friendly. This spot is tide dependent.

Boundary Bay 3rd Ave
Good with East or South East wind. Shallow when tide is below 6 feet. Park in the residential district. This can also be a good spot for beginners.

Boundary Bay 72nd Ave
Good only when tide is above 12 feet otherwise it is dry.
Winds of all directions work fine here. This is a bird sanctuary area and kiteboarding is prohibited during snowy owl nesting season (the winter months).

Crescent Beach
Good with SW, W, and NW wind.
Best when the tide above 6 feet, or you must walk a long way on the sand to get to water.

White Rock
Good on SW and S winds.

Good with SE, S, SW winds.
Park before the train trestle and walk along the trail down to the launch area.

Harrison Lake (also has its own Spot Chat here)
Best May-Aug early afternoon to evening in South winds
offshore winds so if beginner need to have boat rescue there (not a guarantee)
park in gravel lot at Breakwater Beach, past Marina on East side of lake has detailed info with pictures and directions to getting there.



Vancouver Kiters OSR Telegram Group

The Kite Travel Club has created a new on scene weather reporting group on telegram for kiters in Vancouver, BC. The group has a bot that provides marine weather updates for Howe Sound and Georgia Strait from Environment Canada every 6 hours. The group name is “Vancouver Kiters OSR”.

To join the telegram group visit:


Weather Talk for BC

Weather talk for BC has OSR and weather links for the province of British Columbia and is an excellent resource for Vancouver Kiters.


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