What is the Kite Travel Club?


The Kite Travel Club is intentionally designed in a manner that it can evolve and grow and adapt to the community that finds it useful and fosters it. As a starting point, the structure is as follows:

Kite Travel Club

A place for discussion relating to the specifics of how the club is organized and run, plans for the future, voting on key decisions, instructions on how to use features of the site, etc… Feel free to ask questions here.

Choose Your Own Adventure

A place to ask and answer any question about travelling and kiting at destinations around the world. There is no set structure for this category other than questions should be placed in the correct continent subcategory.

Spot Chat

Any member is welcome to start a spot chat for any kite spot around the world. Currently, Spot Chats start with a wiki post which describes the Spot in question in detail. A wiki post is a post that allows any member to edit and/or contribute to the spot description. Like wikipedia, Spot Chats will improve as more members provide more detailed information about a spot. A latitude and longitude may be set for a spot chat and the spot chat will appear on the map. Spot chat icons on the map are distinguishable from other markers and look like this:

After a spot chat has been started for a kite destination, this topic serves a double purpose for any kind of conversation and or discussion that may arise around that spot. Session planning, ride share, local politics, or anything else that comes up.

Member Offers

A key benefit of being a member of the club is that kite businesses provide members with discounts on accommodation, lessons, tours, equipment, etc… Kite businesses are free to join the club as associate members, list their business, and appear on the map, but only if they provide a deal to members of the club. Markers for associate members look like this:

Hope this helps to elucidate the current vision of the club, if you have any questions about this post or any other post on the site, just hit the reply button and ask.