Yucatan Trip Report - Isla Blanca, Cancun, MX



As I glue together the pieces of the ceramic flamingo that I purchased in the Yucatan from one of the roadside vendors, I think to myself how, other than this flamingo falling apart in my luggage on the return flight, everything about our 2-week kite trip to the Yucatan worked out brilliantly. We never once waited for the wind and by leaving accommodations at the end of our trip unplanned, we were able to finish the trip heading to the perfect spot based on the forecast weather conditions and paying less for our place due to the last minute booking. I’m not sure if this just happened to be the “perfect” kite trip to the Yucatan, but it has left me with a fairly positive overall impression of this area of Mexico as a kite destination, with the caveat that you should be mobile (have a rental car) to get where you need to be for the wind and conditions that suit your ability, and to enjoy all that the area has to offer.

To continue from where I left off (Kite Travel Club goes to Isla Blanca, Mexico), our first 2 nights were spent at Ikarus Kiteboarding on Isla Blanca. Ikarus has a load of instructors available for beginners and the lagoon shallow and flat-water setting is a perfect place to learn. They also have equipment for rent, prices in USD as per usual for foreign businesses operating in Mexico. One day, we did rent a board for a couple of hours for $30. The launch site at Ikarus seemed to not be the best spot on the lagoon for many of the prevailing wind directions, only for North winds. A 1.5km drive up the spit however, to a location called La Punta proved to be a much better wind exposure while we were there, as the wind was blowing NE. A 50 Peso fee is charged by the restaurant owners at La Punta to allow you to access the kite launch spots on the lagoon. You can also cross the spit from the lagoon to ride the waves on the other side of the spit. The lagoon and the spit are very beautiful. As a Canadian kiter, this was my first experience kiting without a wetsuit, a very liberating experience.

The cost of accommodation for these first 2 nights was higher as compared to the rest of our trip, but it was worth it due to the proximity to the kiting and the fact that prices in Cancun are probably higher than in other places we visited around the Peninsula. 2 nights was really enough at this location as you are somewhat isolated and away from any local culture, but if you’re main focus is to kite or learn to kite, you may want to stay here longer. Your accommodation options are a hammock, a small tent, a large tent, or a double room. We chose the latter and it was very new, comfortable and clean. There are good shower and rinse facilities at Ikarus to wash down after a day at the beach.

(This image is a drone shot of me kiting in the lagoon provided by Kite Travel Club member Gabor @followthewindsicily who we ran into down in Isla Blanca - Follow the Wind Sicily)

There are a number of hazards that are mentioned when kiting in this area, but none of which we had first hand experience with. Stingrays in the lagoon, scorpions and snakes on the land, crocodiles in the mangroves, mosquitoes (mostly an annoyance and not that bad in February at least), and traffic cops on your way to and from Isla Blanca. The traffic cops are probably the most real threat, but they can be handled if you can convince them that you’ve done nothing wrong. Drinking and driving is always a bad idea.

Stay tuned for more info on kiting in the Yucatan - next stop El Cuyo, MX…

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