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Membership with the Kite Travel Club will always be free.

By joining the Kite Travel Club you will be automatically added to the club's email list which will update you at a maximum of once per month with new deals available to club members. You may unsubscribe from the email list at any time while still maintaining your membership in the club. An unsubscribe link will always be sent with marketing materials.

Although a membership with the Kite Travel Club has no expiry date, the club reserves the right to remove members if it is deemed by the club that the member in question is using their membership in an inappropriate manner.

Similarly, if a member of the Kite Travel Club wishes to be removed from the club, they may send an email to keven@kitetravelclub.com requesting that they be removed from the club and are kindly asked to provide a reason that they wish to terminate their membership.


Privacy & Cookies

Your personal information and privacy is of utmost importance to us. We will never sell or provide your personal information and/or email address to a third party. Any email you receive as a result of joining the Kite Travel Club will always originate from an email address within the club's domain (kitetravelclub.com) and, as described above, you will always be provided with an option to unsubscribe.

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Submitted Offers

The Kite Travel Club reserves the right to accept or reject offers submitted to the site for any reason. Membership in the club does not entitle members to be able to post offers without screening. Offers will be evaluated by the Kite Travel Club and will be selected to appear on the website based on the following criteria:

  • The Offer provides club members with a discount related to kiteboarding/kitesurfing and travel.
  • The Offer provides club members with a deal that they would otherwise not be privy to.
  • The Offer is not deemed exclusive to any club members or defamatory in any way.
  • The Offer is aligned with the vision that the Kite Travel Club has for its membership.

The Kite Travel Club reserves the right to charge an advertising fee to club members and businesses that wish to post offers on the Kite Travel Club website. The fee associated with posting offers to the Kite Travel Club website is subject to change without notice and can vary based on the type of product or service that is being offered.

The Kite Travel Club assumes no responsibility for businesses who submit images, video and/or other digital files with their offers for which they do not have the correct license for use on this site. It is understood by the Kite Travel Club, that files submitted by all businesses wishing to advertise with the Kite Travel Club are owned by those businesses, or those businesses have license to post the submitted files to the website.

By submitting digital files to the Kite Travel Club, you are granting the Kite Travel Club license to use those files on both the Kite Travel Club website and in future email and social media campaigns by the Kite Travel Club.

In the event that the Kite Travel Club is notified that a digital image/video/file has been used without sufficient licensing, the Kite Travel Club will remove the offer from the site immediately.